Shelltag affiliate program is free and enables members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their web site which advertises Shelltag or specific products on it. Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate commission. The standard commission rate is currently 5%.

For more information, visit our FAQ page or see our Affiliate terms & conditions.

How much can I earn via the Shelltag affiliate program? pays a commission to all its affiliates at a flat commission of 5%.

How does it work?

Whenever you refer visitors from your website to using our professionally designed tools, you earn money as visitors follow links from your website to and make purchases. With the range of options that the Affiliate program arms you with, you will find multiple avenues to link up your website with Use your creativity to customised content that add value to your website. This is a win program for both parties making is a great association.

What are the different banners / links I can use?

  1. Banners can be created for exclusive products across all categories. Its easy to generate, and customizable over a wide range of dimensions and colours, our banners are easy to link to Shelltag, and add an enriching content to your website.


  • Search for any individual product across any category
  • Customize according to your requirements
  • Highlight the code in the text box,
  • Copy and paste the code in your website.

  1. Create Links for any product listed on Similar to banners, links too can be generated and customised according to your needs.
  • Search for any product across any category
  • Change link text if required
  • Highlight the code in the text box, and copy
  • Paste the code in your website

  1. Buttons are similar to links, and may be used to connect individual products from to your website.
  • Search for any product across any category
  • Select choice of button from the options listed
  • Highlight the code in the text box, and copy
  • Paste the code in your website

  1. You may also use the Search Bar to browse through products right from your website.
  • Highlight and copy the code given in the text box
  • Paste the code in your website to get the search tool

  1. You may also use APIs and data feeds to add rich content to your website.
    - APIs provide real-time access to our entire inventory through two APIs. Search API allows you to search for any product on by simply providing a keyword. Product Details API provides the latest product and offer details
    - Data feed provides access to rich content that will help you add comprehensive product data on your website.

How do I review my earnings

Your earnings for a product sold through your channel will reflect in your account only when the order is delivered. Usually, you should be able to see your earnings for a product within 7 days after the order is placed

What are the payment methods?

All payments to Affiliates will be done either through “electronic funds transfer” or through Shelltag Credits.

If affiliates select payment via Shelltag Credit, Shelltag will accrue and withhold referral fees until the total amount due is at least Rs 200.00. If affiliates select payment via EFT, Shelltag will accrue and withhold referral fees until the total amount due is at least Rs 1000.00. Store Credits may be redeemed against purchase from

I am a Wordpress Blogger. How can I build affiliate links easily?

We have built an affiliate plug-in especially for you. Not only it will help you link to with a single click from across your site, it will also help you build internal links within your blog so that your site gets more traffic from search engines. You can download our plugin here –

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