Cancellation by Shelltag

There may be certain orders that Shelltag cannot accept, and therefore, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any order received on our website. Some reasons may include limitation on quantity available for purchase, errors in product or pricing information or certain issues identified by our fraud avoidance department or any other issue which Shelltag identifies for not accepting the order. We also reserve the right to ask for any additional information for accepting orders in certain cases. We will notify you in case your order has been cancelled fully or partially or if any additional information is required to accept your order.

Cancellation by Customers

Cancellation is possible with Shelltag. You can cancel an order until it has been processed in our warehouse / vendor partner and before “Ready to Ship” status by logging on to your account and requesting for a cancellation. All prepaid orders will receive their money back in 3-4 working days. If you had made a “Cash on Delivery”, there is no amount to refund because you haven't paid for your order.

If you have made your payment using a Credit Card, Debit Card, or net banking and would like a refund to your bank account, please get in touch with our Customer Care team. 


You can modify the shipping address of your order before we have processed (shipped) it, by contacting our Customer Care team at